The Franchise Ticker Interviews founder of sos

by | May 26, 2021

She just wanted a better life for her child. She ended up created a national franchise to help build better lives for children across the country.

Meet Nichole Daher, Founder & CEO of Success on the Spectrum. When clinic after clinic turned her daughter away for vital autism therapies, Nichole decided to found her own. In this episode, she shares her story of starting a small business to fill a gap in the market, why she decided to franchise and how the concept caught fire with other autism parents.

Franchising has the power to do so much good, and Success on the Spectrum couldn’t shine brighter as an example of this!

**Success On The Spectrum provides play-based ABA Therapy for children and Caregiver Training for parents. Their goal is to help children develop self-control, independence, and a positive self-concept. Their long-term objective is to teach functional skills that help their clients become fulfilled adults in mainstream society.**

To connect with Nichole Daher, find her on LinkedIn. If you are interested in franchising with SOS Franchising, visit for more info.