General ​Information

Success On The Spectrum respects the privacy and confidentiality of its online users. This statement of Success On The Spectrum’s privacy policy reflects the measures taken to completely ensure the ultimate security and confidentiality of its online users.

With this statement of the privacy policy, Success On The Spectrum hereby ensures to maintain the users’ highly confidential information with the utmost security and privacy. Through this statement of the privacy policy, Success On The Spectrum also ensures that it has no intention to share or sell the users’ confidential information by any means to anyone, in any way.

Our ​Privacy Policies

  1. All form submissions on this website are encrypted and delivered directly to SOS.
  2. SOS will not use or disclose your PHI for marketing or fundraising purposes; SOS will not sell your PHI to anyone for any reason.
  3. SOS will only use your PHI in an appropriate manner for treatment.
  4. SOS will only disclose PHI to the child’s legal guardian. A legal guardian must give written authorization to allow us to share PHI with others.
  5. SOS may disclose your PHI without your written permission when required By Law. When disclosure is (a) required by federal, state, or local law; judicial, board, or administrative proceedings; or, law enforcement; (b) compelled by a party to a proceeding before a court, arbitration panel or an administrative agency pursuant to its lawful authority; (c) required by a search warrant lawfully issued to a governmental law enforcement agency; or (d) compelled by the patient or the patient’s representative pursuant to state or federal statutes or regulations, such as the Privacy Rule that requires this Notice.
  6. SOS may disclose your PHI without your written permission for health oversight activities authorized by law including, investigations, inspections, audits, surveys, licensure, and disciplinary actions; civil, administrative, and criminal procedures or actions; or other activities necessary for the government to monitor government programs, compliance with civil rights laws and the health care system in general.
  7. SOS may disclose your PHI without your written permission to avoid harm. When disclosure: (a) to law enforcement personnel or persons may be able to prevent or mitigate a serious threat to the health or safety of a person or the public; (b) is compelled or permitted by the fact that the Client is in such mental or emotional condition as to be dangerous to him or herself or the person or property of others, and if AST determines that disclosure is necessary to prevent the threatened danger; (c) is mandated by state child abuse and neglect reporting laws (for example, if we have a reasonable suspicion of child abuse or neglect); (d) is mandated by state elder/dependent abuse reporting law (for example, if we have a reasonable suspicion of elder abuse or dependent adult abuse); and (e) if disclosure is compelled or permitted by the fact that you or your child tells us of a serious/imminent threat of physical violence against a reasonably identifiable victim or victims.
  8. SOS may disclose your PHI without your written permission to company attorneys, accountants, consultants, and others to make sure that SOS is in compliance with applicable laws.
  9. SOS may disclose your PHI without your written permission to your health insurance company to obtain benefit information, payment for treatment and services provided.
  10. SOS may disclose your PHI without your written permission in the event of an emergency situation (such as a hospital visit).
  11. SOS employees are not allowed to communicate by text message. The only HIPAA compliant methods of contact are phone calls, encrypted messaging, or person-to-person.
  12. You have the right to access your PHI at any time. SOS does not charge fees to access your records.
  13. You have the right to know who had access to your PHI within the last 6 years.
  14. You have the right to limit our access to your health records.
  15. You have the right to revoke access to your PHI that was previously given to us at any time.
  16. SOS will notify you immediately if we become aware that an unauthorized person accessed your PHI.
  17. You have the right to complain to the US Department of Health and Human Services if you feel that your rights have been violated.
  18. This site includes a pixel that enables cookies to be dropped onto your devices. These cookies may be used to target ads to site visitors on third party websites within Hibu’s network. For more information, please visit ​​, which explains behavioral targeting in more detail, and will allow you to opt-out of being targeted for any behavioral advertising by any member of the Internet Advertising Bureau, including Hibu.

Use of ​Collected Information

Success On The Spectrum monitors and maintains the website user interface and several other elements of performance in order to maintain the optimum performance of the website and might use the gathered information in any given time.

Success On The Spectrum also uses information gathered from the job hunters for the purpose of evaluating their expertise, skills, qualification, work experience, and the overall eligibility for the respective applied position at Success On The Spectrum. In this regard, the collected information may be shared with the most relevant managers of Success On The Spectrum to initiate the hiring process.

The Success On The Spectrum website is well protected against any sort of unauthorized interruptions and accesses. The website has its own strongly built HTML5 based eCommerce infrastructure ensuring complete security and confidentiality while maintaining up to date Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certification technology that ultimately encrypts all the users’, vendors, businesses associates, and valued customers’ submitted information and helps us with absolutely safe and secure data and information storage.

Success On The Spectrum uses Cookies (alphanumeric identifiers, transferred to the physical drives of the users’ computers or the accessing device directly through the web browser) in order to gather additional required data and information. These cookies to enable the systems that recognize things such as (but not limited to): (1) Users’ demographics, (2) Users’ website use context, (3) Users’ likeliness and interests in regard of the website’s overall look and feel, (4) Users’ data and network usage in regard of the website, (5) type of browser used, etc.

In case you have any query or concern in regard to this privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at: ​