What is Autism

Due to work schedules or other daily responsibilities, in-center therapy is often easier for some families. Our nautical centers are open Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:00pm year-round (no summer break). After-care programs and Saturday sessions available at select locations.

Our school-like environment allows us to focus on social skills and communication skills. Throughout the day, children alternate between private lessons and group activities. Each child has their own therapist at all times.

We think that kids learn best while they are having fun! Each week, your child will enjoy sensory friendly activities, like music, art, and fitness classes. Every other week, we take a field trip!

You may drop by at any time during the day to discreetly observe your child through our video system.

At pick up time, you will receive an in-person report on everything that happened that day. You will also regularly receive the detailed program reports from our BCBA.

For those children who are able to develop adequate academic and social skills, SOS will create a mainstreaming plan. We will even tour different schools with you and help choose a school where they are most likely to succeed.

How Can ABA Help

For children that attend school during the day, our therapists will deliver ABA in your home Monday through Thursday  4:30pm-6:30pm. The home setting allows us to focus on independence and self-help skills.

We may travel with you to practice independence skills in other natural environments, such as grocery stores, malls, or movie theaters.

In-home services require that an adult be present at all times during sessions. You must live within 10 miles of our center. All in-home clients must be completely free of aggressive behaviors. Saturday sessions available at select locations. Mileage fees may apply

Steps to Success
School Shadowing

Special needs children sometimes require a little extra assistance. Teachers are not always able to interrupt a lesson to provide that extra help.
Our therapists are specially trained to discreetly collect data within the classroom. Our goal is to quietly assist your child’s teacher in optimizing the learning experience and encourage growth in your child’s social skills.