Compassionate ABA Therapy with Success On The Spectrum

by | Jul 1, 2024

Success On The Spectrum Featured in Medical Daily

Success On The Spectrum (SOS) was recently featured in Medical Daily, highlighting its innovative and compassionate approach to ABA therapy and its impact on the autism community. As the first autism treatment franchise in the United States, SOS is dedicated to providing high-quality services and fostering a supportive environment for children with autism and their families.

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder And Applied Behavior Analysis

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that typically manifests before the age of three, profoundly affecting various aspects of brain development, including social interaction, communication skills, and cognitive function. Individuals with autism often face significant challenges in communication, social interactions, and exhibit behaviors that can be deemed inappropriate.

Research indicates that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy significantly contributes to successful long-term outcomes for 89% of children with autism who receive it. Early intervention, particularly before the age of four, is associated with improved social and communication skills and increased IQ levels.

While ABA therapy is widely recognized for its effectiveness in addressing the behavioral challenges associated with autism, it has also faced criticism. Some parents and self-advocates within the autistic community have raised concerns regarding the use of punitive techniques, leading to apprehensions about potential emotional harm.

Although modern ABA practices have moved away from punitive methods, criticisms persist about its structured nature and perceived insensitivity to emotional needs. There are suggestions that prolonged exposure to intensive programs may pose a risk of post-traumatic stress.

The SOS Approach to ABA Therapy

Amidst these debates and concerns, Success On The Spectrum (SOS) has emerged as the first autism treatment franchise in the United States. Founded by Nichole Daher, an autism mom, SOS offers a unique perspective rooted in personal experience and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with autism and their families.

At the core of SOS’s approach is a commitment to compassionate, trauma-informed care. Unlike traditional ABA therapy, which often focuses solely on modifying behavior through rewards and consequences, SOS adopts a play-based approach that addresses both the behavioral and emotional needs of individuals with autism. By incorporating elements of play and focusing on building trust and rapport, SOS creates a supportive environment where individuals feel valued and understood.

“ABA therapy has this bad rap for being abusive or traumatizing, so my team and I reinvented the way it is done. We are a play-based therapy,” explains Nichole Daher, founder of Success On The Spectrum. “We never force a child to sit down and do something they don’t want to do because their brains aren’t going to learn that way. It’s more of a hands-on teaching style, with lots of natural environment training. One of the things we do that other ABA clinics don’t is field trips because some parents aren’t comfortable taking their children into public without help.”

SOS embraces the child’s unique needs and personality in our approach to therapy.  Our approach to autism celebrates each child’s strengths while working to help them navigate their emotions and ability to function around others.

What Makes SOS Different?

Success On The Spectrum is known for its activism and community involvement. Each month, Success On The Spectrum hosts free social events for the public. Among the most popular events are the Annual Autism Prom, Autism Festival, and Parent Training Workshops.

The purpose of their community outreach program is to promote social inclusion for families affected by Autism, reduce the stigma around autism, spread Success On The Spectrum’s message, and provide fun activities for kids and parents alike. Founder Nichole Daher states, “Every child should be able to enjoy activities like this without the fear of being judged or rejected. We are making memories for these kids. I love that we can offer these events. Some of these kids would never experience things like prom otherwise.”

Our programs gives specialized instruction to children who are not currently learning like their peers. We teach children HOW to learn, then gradually reduce or eliminate the individualized support.

Our goal is to teach valuable life skills that help our clients become productive and fulfilled adults in mainstream society. For example, early learners practice language skills, establish a daily routine, and learn to follow directions. We also offer potty training and food programs. Advanced children practice compliance, independence skills, and social skills that will allow them to be included with their future school peers. Children with aggression or emotional outbursts are taught self-calming strategies.

When you enroll at SOS, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will conduct a Milestone Development Test on your child. Once we determine their current skill levels, the BCBA will create an individualized program to help your child develop the skills sets they are lacking.

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