Common Mistakes When Dealing With Behavior

by | Sep 6, 2021

You have to determine what is behavior and what is disability.
Treat the child as typically developing so general outbursts can be ignored like
shouting and crying but severe inappropriate behaviors should not be ignored.

You reinforce negative behaviors
Any attention paid to negative attention maintained behaviors will lead to its
Continued existence. This includes saying “No”, “We don’t do that”, and “Stop
that!” Energy flows when attention goes so be careful with this aspect and ignore
those actions.

Pick one battle at a time.
Trying to fight every battle at once is just like going to the gym and working out
for three hours straight. You’re going to hurt. What happens is you take on too
much and you end up stopping all interventions. It is important to choose our
battles so that we save time and energy in the process.

Paralysis by analysis
Don’t overanalyze, but instead make small steady progress each day
Some families want immediate results, often concerned if there are any missteps
and overanalyzing every action of a child. Some families are frozen meaning they
are overwhelmed and just ignore or pacify the behavior hoping it goes away
naturally. Too much analysis often leads to confusion, and it needs to be taken
one at a time and then have a personalized approach.