Autism Assistant Interviews Founder of Success On The Spectrum

by | Oct 3, 2020

We sat down with Nichole Daher from Success on the Spectrum for our fourth installment of our featured provider interviews. Success on the Spectrum is a franchise in the Houston, Texas area that offers ABA, social skills and teletherapy options for your autistic child. They will soon be offering their services nationwide.

 Nichole is the mother to an  autistic child and she was struggling to find the right therapy options for her child. So she decided to create her own practice, instilling the values that she was looking for in a therapy provider. She believes that trust is one of the most important factors when deciding on a therapist to work with. One unique thing that Success on the Spectrum offers is complete transparency. They have video cameras in every room and a parent viewing room as well. Parents also always have access to the daily notes that are taken about their child and their progress. Nichole even invites you to hang out all day, if you’d like, and take advantage of their wifi and coffee machine.

When it comes to therapy for autism spectrum disorder, there are many options and all children are different. While most children won’t need every type of therapy available, most will need at least one or two types of specialized therapy to help with areas where they struggle. Behavior and social skills therapy can be an important part of the therapy team for some kids. 

We like to do these provider interviews because we feel like it’s nice for parents to hear about the services from the providers themselves, and learn a little bit more about their passion firsthand.  To contact Nichole or learn more about Success on the Spectrum, you can check her therapist profile here