Success On the Spectrum’s Parent Viewing Room

by | May 27, 2022

One of the biggest things that differentiates Success On The Spectrum from other centers is our high-level of transparency as we treat children on the Autism Spectrum.  In the interest of that transparency, all SOS centers have a Parent Viewing Room.  It’s a large conference room where parents can come in and watch the live feed of their children getting therapy without the children seeing them.  Parents can come by, unannounced, anytime they want.

Our founder, Nichole Daher, envisioned multiple advantages for this room.  First, the Parent Viewing Room is not only for the purpose of parents being able to watch their children receive therapy in real time, it’s also about creating community.  Free community workshops and events are held for families with autistic children.

As a parent of a child with autism, Nichole realized it can be lonely; it can be isolating and many parents don’t have friends who have children with autism as well.  They don’t have the same kind of support that parents who have neurotypical children have.  Oftentimes, the children don’t get go on play dates with their peers; many families don’t go on vacations and oftentimes they don’t have babysitters who would want to sit with an autistic child.  Finding a babysitter who knows how handle their child when behaviors arise is another big challenge.

For these parents, being in a room where they can watch their child receive therapy and the person sitting next to them is also going through the exact same thing creates the community and support they need and friendships are forged.  Parents value that kind of support which is so hard to find anywhere else.

Another important advantage is that parents can watch how the therapists are working with their children and can then repeat those actions at home.  This creates a congruent treatment plan that makes the therapy much more effective.

Success On The Spectrum is about the treatment of autistic children and just as important, about creating a supportive community for families and all those who care for them.