Success On The Spectrum Featured In The San Fransisco Examiner

by | Aug 22, 2023

Caring for children with autism and supporting their caregivers can be an overwhelming task due to the intricate nature of the condition. The challenge involves not just cultivating academic knowledge, but also nurturing social skills and independence, both of which are crucial for the holistic growth of these children. There is no across-the-board solution, as each child has their own unique needs, strengths, and areas that require enhancement.

Standing out amidst others in the realm of autism care is Success On The Spectrum (SOS), an organization renowned for its innovative strategies and initiatives. Founded by Nichole Daher, SOS holds the distinction of being the first in-center franchise specializing in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) across the nation.

Its singular objective is to unleash and strengthen the potential for advancement in an individualized approach for children with autism.

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