SOS Therapy Centers’ Dedication to Inclusivity and Outreach – New York Daily News

by | Oct 23, 2023

SOS Therapy Centers, under the visionary leadership of Nichole Daher, have exemplified an unwavering commitment to the autism community through their extensive outreach efforts and inclusive events. With an intimate understanding of the complexities of autism care, Success On The Spectrum (SOS) has emerged as advocates of support for families and individuals affected by autism. They have risen to the challenge of providing a comprehensive care system that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of therapy and intervention.

While ABA (applied behavioral analysis) therapy has been the cornerstone of autism treatment, SOS recognizes that true progress extends beyond it. They have been instrumental in eliminating several barriers that often limit the potential of individuals with autism. Through their community outreach initiatives and inclusive events, they have created a welcoming space where individuals on the spectrum can thrive, develop skills, and connect with others.

Nichole Daher’s vision and SOS Therapy Centers’ dedication to the autism community have led to a holistic approach that encompasses not only therapy but also support, understanding, and a sense of belonging. By extending their branches to the broader community, they have played a pivotal role in building bridges and breaking down stereotypes associated with autism. Their commitment to inclusivity and their ability to embrace the uniqueness of each individual sets a remarkable example for others in the field, ultimately working towards creating a more compassionate and accepting world for those with autism.

With a genuine activist spirit, the SOS franchise has created a number of events and initiatives within its outreach program. And these aren’t just feel-good gestures but also life-changing experiences for both children on the spectrum and their families.

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