Parent Training – A Vitally Important Strategy For Autism Families

by | Jul 18, 2022

Many parents feel overwhelmed, lost or confused when they learn their child has autism.  They oftentimes feel inadequate about how to raise their child, especially as they begin to navigate their various negative behaviors.  Many parents don’t understand how to encourage and teach coping skills that lead to positive emotional responses.     

Enrolling a child in ABA Therapy is just the beginning.  Understanding how to generalize the skills the child learns in therapy is imperative to the child successfully learning how to manage the emotions that often lead to less than desirable behaviors and to create positive behaviors that enable them to communicate more effectively and navigate the world in which they live.  ABA therapy teaches children with autism how to be functional; it teaches them how to have independent skills when their disease prevents them from learning easily.

Parent training is an important component of quality ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy.  For ABA to be effective, it is imperative that the ABA therapy team and parents work together to develop generalization strategies.  Parent training has a multitude of benefits for parents, the child and any caregiver that interacts with the child.

Our parent training teaches parents the principles of ABA and to recognize and understand why specific behaviors occur and how to effectively respond in a way that fosters emotional growth and communication for both parent and child.  Once that foundation is established, parents are taught strategies and given tools to positively respond to their child’s actions and reactions.

Parent training helps in these areas:

Supports the therapy and treatment outcomes created for the child by licensed therapists

Improves communication skills

Teaches strategies to improve social skills

Parents learn what their role is in influencing their child’s development

Strategies on how to best generalize the child’s learning

How to maintain skills learned to prevent regression

Better understanding of autism as it relates to their child

Improving the child-parent relationship

Support for parents as they navigate the challenges surrounding autism

Success On The Spectrum requires weekly parent training in order to implement the best possible outcomes from the therapy created by the BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analysist). 

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