New Facility Opens In Utah County, To Help Children With Autism Be Successful

by | Nov 30, 2023

The CEO, Corey Astill, of newly opened Success On The Spectrum (SOS) – American Fork, an autism learning center, shared a heartwarming account of the results they experienced with one of their clients. In just a few weeks of autism therapy that was tailored for that child’s needs, her mother reported significant positive changes in her daughter’s behavior that she had never observed before, attesting to the effectiveness of the scientifically based behavioral health services offered at SOS.

While recognizing that progress may be gradual, Astill emphasized the effectiveness of their play-based approach and advocated for its widespread adoption, emphasizing the crucial role that early intervention plays in fostering positive changes in children with autism.

To learn more about Success On The Spectrum in American Fork UT, click on the link: treatment – American Fork UT