Something About Us

Founder of Success On The Spectrum

Nichole Daher is the founder of Success On The Spectrum. After being unable to find ABA Therapy for her daughter, Nichole opened her own ABA center. She was so inspired by the progress of her daughter and the other clients, that she opened a second location. Seeing the ever increasing demand for ABA, Nichole finally opened SOS Franchising.

Our Mission

SOS provides ABA Therapy for children and Caregiver Training for parents. We focus on helping all children develop self-control, independence, and a positive self-concept. Our goal is to teach life skills that help our clients become fulfilled adults in mainstream society.


We succeed when you succeed!

Our Promise

We promise to enthusiastically provide our clients with the highest quality of intensive, research-based behavioral treatment. Our staff is knowledgeable and dedicated to fostering every skill needed for your child find Success On The Spectrum.

Our Program

Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) create tailored programs that help clients reach their individual potential by developing socially significant goals identified through customized assessments. We teach social lessons through play and practice them in a Natural Environment (real-life social settings). We focus on the verbal Behavior approach of ABA and put emphasis on language development and socialization.