These workshops cater to children with autism, but can be useful for neuro-typical children as well! We encourage children to invite siblings and friends to attend with them!

Each workshop lasts 1.5 hours and can be attended by any age group. Classes are taught in a safe environment and monitored by a SOS Behavioral Therapist.

Making Music

This workshop will allow your child to experience the demonstrable positive impact that music education has on learning and life. Children will learn to play simple songs on the piano that they can practice at home on an iPad! They will also learn exciting songs and rhythms! Our experienced music therapist offers both private and small group music lessons.

Dining Dynamics

This workshop is designed to teach children the finer points of dining. We will discuss proper behavior in a public restaurant. We will discuss how to make introductions, greetings, and appropriate table conversations. Children will learn proper place settings, utensil usage, and how to give a waiter your order. As a review, we will play “Dining Bingo” or “Place Setting Relay Races”.

Event Etiquette

This workshop is designed to encourage appropriate behavior when attending or hosting a social event. Children will learn proper manners to display at birthday parties, sleepovers, play dates, and family holidays. Children will learn how to make guests feel welcome and how to be an appreciative guest.

Easygoing Emotions

This workshop is designed to support positive behavior. We will give helpful lessons for recognizing anxiety/anger, impulse management, sharing fairly with others, being a good listener, and following the rules. This workshop also focuses on self-respect.

Relationship Roles

This workshop is designed to help children understand appropriate behaviors expected in different settings. Children will learn how to be respectful around adults and to be a good sport around peers. We will discuss the importance of privacy and appropriate touching. We learn about social cues, such as personal space and body language. We will also touch on the qualities of being a good friend.

Safety Skills

This workshop is designed to encourage age-appropriate safety. We will discuss stranger danger, crossing the street, fire safety, kitchen do’s and dont’s, and when to call 911. For older children, we discuss home-alone safety and cyber safety.