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Founder of
Success On The Spectrum

Success On The Spectrum was founded by Nichole Daher, an Autism mom, who envisioned unique ABA centers that could maximize the potential for progress for her daughter.


She created the perfect combination of the most effective methods of ABA science, a fun environment, community outings, safety, and high parent involvement.


After the original two centers boasted success and profit, Nichole founded SOS Franchising in order to share her mission with other passionate business owners.

Daher Family
Our Unique ABA Centers
SOS Autism Prom 2018
Community Outreach

Every child should have the opportunity to experience social milestones, even if they can’t afford ABA.


Each SOS center hosts FREE events to their local communities throughout the year. Our most popular events include Autism Prom, Sensory-Friendly Festivals, and holiday celebrations.

SOS Parent Viewing Room
Parent Viewing Room

SOS is proud to have full transparency when it comes to our clients’ treatment.


Unlike most providers, SOS’s unique ABA centers offer unrestricted access to our parent viewing room.


Enjoy coffee and wifi while you watch your child working live with their therapists.

SOS Field Trips
Field Trips

Children learn most when they are having fun!


SOS provides our clients with field trips at least once per month. These outing allow our clients to generalize their newly learned social skills into new environments.


Parents are welcome to tag along!

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