Success On The Spectrum’s ABA Program

Our Mission

SOS provides ABA Therapy for children and Caregiver Training for parents.


Our goal is to help children develop self-control, independence, and a positive self-concept. Our long term objective is to teach functional skills that help our clients become fulfilled adults in mainstream society. 

Dedication to Quality

We believe that quality is the key to a child’s success. In an industry with little regulation, SOS has created a manual of best ABA practice guidelines for our franchise. Our operational standards will ensure that our RBTs receive quality training, our BCBAs provide close supervision, and that our ABA programs are informed by the latest science. We are proud to hold the rare BHCOE Accreditation and boast our collaboration with them in creating a standard of excellence.

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Our Program

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) create tailored programs that help clients reach their individual potential by developing socially significant goals identified through customized assessments.


We focus on the verbal Behavior approach of ABA and put emphasis on language development and socialization. We use a mixture of Discrete Trial Training (DTT) and Natural Environment Training (NET), according to the child’s needs.

Our Philosophy

We believe that learning shouldn’t just occur at a desk or table located in a therapy room, but in a variety of environments and locations. Each new lesson is taught through individual play and practiced in a peer group. Our centers are equipped with private staterooms, mock classrooms, and social activity rooms.


Success On The Spectrum’s ABA program also incorporates field trips! Outings strengthen the skills that have been developed within our center and promote generalization. While often challenging for a child with autism spectrum disorder, practicing skills in different environments help them to become “Community Ready”. Parents are encouraged to come along on field trips, but it are not required.

Parent Participation

When it comes to righting a child’s ship, we need all hands on deck! Parent involvement is a requirement. Our BCBAs frequently meet with parents to discuss program creation and implementation. In addition, parents have unrestricted access to our online data collection system and can view a child’s live progress at any time.


Each week, we will provide training sessions to parents, grandparents, siblings and babysitters. Our lessons help caregivers to manage problem behaviors at home. We can help implement a routine that will ease your daily struggles. We will also help establish functional communication between you and your child.


Each center is equipped with state-of-the-art video surveillance. Parents are welcome to enjoy our viewing room, where you can watch your child and therapist working together.

Our Staff

Our hand-picked staff hold weekly training meetings to ensure a deeper understanding of the science of human behavior. Each staff member is thoroughly background checked and holds CPR and Safety-Care certifications. BCBAs directly supervise each child’s program implementation each week and make changes or give additional training to staff as needed.

Our Passion

Success On The Spectrum is proud to offer a unique Community Outreach program.


We think that every child should have the opportunity to experience social milestones. Our centers host FREE local community events throughout the year. Our most popular events include Autism Prom, Sensory-Friendly Festivals, and holiday celebrations.


Come play with us!

Founder of Success On The Spectrum

Success On The Spectrum was founded by Nichole Daher, an Autism mom who envisioned an ABA center that maximized the potential for progress for her daughter. She created the perfect combination of the most effective methods of ABA science, a fun environment, community outings, safety, and high parent involvement.


In addition, Nichole created a community outreach program that allowed the local community to come together. Events like Autism Prom and Sensory-friendly Festivals allowed children to experience social milestones otherwise unavailable to them.


After the original two centers boasted success and profit, Nichole founded SOS Franchising in order to share her mission with other passionate business owners.

Daher Family