In Center Sessions

In Center Sessions

Our nautical centers are open Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:00pm, year-round. Choose to attend full-time or part-time. In center clients are not required to be vaccinated or potty-trained to attend. 


Our centers are designed to get your child “school ready”. Clients who are under 5 years old learn a daily routine and to follow directions. Older children learn social skills that will allow them to be included with their future school peers. Children with aggression or emotional outbursts are taught self-calming strategies.


We believe that learning shouldn’t just occur at a desk located in a cold treatment room, but in a variety of environments and locations. Children learn best when they are having fun! Throughout the day, children alternate between private lessons and group activities. Our centers are equipped with private staterooms, mock classrooms, and social activity rooms. Each new lesson is taught through individual play and practiced in a peer group. Our technicians integrate sensory activities to engage a child’s attention and incorporate group games to encourage social interaction. We design our program to deliver a happy experience. Children are motivated to interact with our staff, which encourages the learning process.


While in our center, children are grouped according to their developmental abilities, so that higher functioning children do not mimic the behaviors of those with fewer social skills. Progress is celebrated as children “graduate” from one crew to the next!


Success On The Spectrum’s ABA program also incorporates field trips! Each lesson learned within our center is practiced in different environments. We promote transition tolerance by associating fun activities with new settings. Parents and siblings are encouraged to come along on field trips, but are not required to. 


Safety is a priority. All centers have restricted access to children’s areas. Staff-to-student ratios are 1:1 or 1:2. Each center is equipped with state-of-the-art video surveillance systems. Parents are welcome to enjoy our viewing room, where you can discreetly watch your child and therapist working together.

Program Goals

Our goal is to teach valuable life skills that help our clients become productive and fulfilled adults in mainstream society.


SOS will create individualized programs to help your child develop through all the skills sets shown to the right.


Our behavior therapists will motivate changes in behavior through play and reward systems. Our two main goals are to help your child acquire new skills and reduce problem behavior.

Center Arrangements

While in our center, children are grouped according to their developmental abilities.

Crew Ocean

Children requiring very substantial support.


Crew Ocean may do most of the therapy in his own room. this group attends short group activities throughout the day.

Crew Voyagers

Children requiring substantial support.


Voyagers share a room with another child with a curtain between them. this allows them to acclimate to noise distraction.

Crew Sailors

Children requiring support.


Sailors may share a room with one or more other children. the desk are next to each other, simulating a classroom setting. The majority of Sailors activities are done in a group setting.

Caregiver Training

When it comes to righting a child’s ship, we need all hands on deck!


Parent involvement is a requirement. Each week, we will provide a caregivers training session. We can help implement a routine that will ease your daily struggles. We will also help establish functional communication between you and your child.


We will teach parents, grandparents, siblings and babysitters to mange problem behaviors at home.

Access Progress Reports

Our BCBAs will frequently meet with you to discuss your child’s progress.
In addition, all of your child’s medical records will be stored on our secure Catalyst website.


You will be given a username and password. You can log in at any time to view your child’s progress.