ABA Therapy

Our 1:1 Comprehensive ABA Instruction Includes:

SOS Program Goals

Train Parents
Reduce Problem Behaviors
Teach New Skills
Maximize Independence

Social Skills

Personal Space
Eye Contact
Family Relationships
Social Referencing
Community Participation

Self Care Skills

Toilet Training, Hygiene
Safety Skills, Self-advocacy

Language & Communication

Requesting, Labelling
Body Language
Conversational Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Facial Expressions
Thumbs Up

SOS Program Goals

Train Parents
Reduce Problem Behaviors
Teach New Skills
Maximize Independence

Academic Skills

Spelling, Math, Science
Social Studies

Play &
Leisure Skills

Peer Imitation

Emotional Development

Coping & Tolerance Skills
Task Completion

Cognitive Functioning

Following Directions
Concept Formation
Identifying Desires & Emotions

SOS provides high-quality ABA Therapy

ABA delivers successful Behavior Modification to any child, at any stage of learning. If your child’s problem behavior stems from an ADD or ADHD disability, you must choose a private pay option. If your child has an Autism diagnosis, your health insurance will cover some or all of the cost.

SOS will create an individualized program to help your child develop all the skills sets shown above. Our behavior therapists will motivate changes in behavior through play and reward systems. SOS never uses punishment. Our two main focuses are to help your child acquire new skills and reduce problem behavior.

SOS will also help your child put these social lessons into “real world” practice. We will frequently take your child on field trips to integrate what they have learned into practical experiences. Some outings will be private and tailored to address your child’s behavior needs (such as grocery shopping or restaurants). Some outings will be group trips and involve social interaction (such as The Children’s Museum and the zoo).

Our ABA Therapy includes Caregiver Training

Feeling overwhelmed? Studies have proven that parents of children with disabilities experience higher levels of stress than those of parents with typically developing children. SOS can help create a routine that will ease your daily struggles. SOS will train parents/siblings/babysitters how to prevent/manage problem behaviors at home and establish functional communication with your child.

If your child already attends a mainstream school, SOS offers training to teachers.

SOS provides school transitioning

If your child is struggling at school, SOS can create a program to assist them. Our therapists can observe and correct problem behavior from within the classroom. We are always willing to train teachers, and we can continue your child’s therapy after-school if needed.
If your child does not currently attend a mainstream school but is socially and academically ready, SOS will create a mainstreaming plan for them. New environments can be scary for both child and parent. We are here for you. SOS will help you decide which school is a good fit for your child. We will even tour different schools with you!