Our nautical centers are open Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:00pm year-round. After-care programs and Saturday sessions available at select locations.

Our school-like environment allows us to focus on social skills and communication skills.

Throughout the day, children alternate between private lessons and group activities (such as lunch time, circle time, play time, and social time). Each child has their own therapist at all times.

Each week, your child will enjoy sensory friendly activities, like music, art, and fitness classes. Every other week, we take a field trip!

In-center clients are not required to be vaccinated or potty-trained to attend. All SOS staff have thorough background checks and are CPR certified. SOS Staff are also certified to handle aggressive behaviors properly and safely.


Our goal is to teach valuable life skills that help our clients become productive and fulfilled adults in mainstream society.

SOS will create an individualized program to help your child develop all the skills sets shown to the right.

Our behavior therapists will motivate changes in behavior through play and reward systems. Our two main focuses are to help your child acquire new skills and reduce problem behavior.


While in the center, children are grouped according to their developmental level

Children requiring very substantial support.
Crew Ocean may do most of the therapy in his own room. This group attends short group activities throughout the day.

Children requiring substantial support.

Voyagers share a room with another child with a curtain between them. This allows them to acclimate to noise distraction. Voyagers attend many group activities throughout the day.

Children requiring support.

Sailors may share a room with one or more other children. The desks are next to each other, simulating a classroom setting. The majority of Sailors’ activities are done in a group setting.


When it comes to righting a child’s ship,
we need all hands on deck!

Parent involvement is a requirement. Each week, we will provide a caregiver training session. We can help implement a routine that will ease your daily struggles. We will also help establish functional communication between you and your child.

We will teach parents, grandparents, siblings and babysitters to manage problem behaviors at home.


Our BCBAs will frequently meet with you to discuss your child’s progress.

In addition, all of your child’s medical records will be stored on our secure Catalyst website.

You will be given a username and password. You can log in at any time to view your child’s progress.


SOS Centers are equipped with video/audio surveillance.

Come in at any time to discreetly watch your child and the therapists in action!