Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ABA cost?

SOS charges your insurance $75/hour for therapy.

Every health insurance plan covers a different percentage. Call SOS and give them your health insurance information, so we can find out for you!

Does ABA really work?

YES! There is much data that proves that ABA therapy is beneficial to every age group and every severity of autism. However, according to the Lovaas Study, only about half of the children participating in ABA therapy make enough progress to participate fully in a mainstream school by the time they reach the age 6. Every child progresses at his own pace. We will not promise that every child will progress enough to be indistinguishable from neuro-typical peers, but we do promise to help them to achieve their highest ability.

Will they force my child to sit in a desk and learn flashcards like a robot?

SOS is different than other providers. We believe that kids learn best while having fun! Instead of spending an entire day learning flashcards at a table, we have educational art projects, play social games, and go on field trips!

Every Friday, we have a sensory-friendly music class in our center! We sing fun songs and learn silly dances! Check our our center’s Activity Calendar and read our Newsletter to learn about upcoming field trips!

How will I know if ABA is helping?

SOS offers you full access to your child’s electronic medical records through our secure online portal. Use your login to view your child’s schedule and progress graphs at any time! Our BCBAs meet with parents monthly to review program goals and acheivements.

What happens when my child completes the program?

Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder will never completely vanish, but our goal is to help each child become as independent and successful as possible. When your child is ready, we can prepare your child and his teachers to handle sticky situations without a therapists’ help. We will always be here to answer your questions, even after your therapy is not active.