About ABA

Applied Behavior Analysis ( ABA Therapy )

is an instruction method that uses the scientific principles of human behavior to shape behavior.


ABA Therapy is widely recognized as the most effective, evidence-based treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In fact, ABA has been dubbed as the golden standard for treating Autism symptoms.

Success On The Spectrum is
one of the nation’s top rated ABA providers.

In an industry with little regulation, SOS has created a manual of best ABA practice guidelines for our franchise. We are proud to hold the rare BHCOE Accreditation and boast our collaboration with them in creating a standard of excellence.

ABA Programs

Our ABA programs can help your child develop self-control, independence, and a positive self-concept. Our long term objective is to teach functional skills that help your child become a fulfilled adult in mainstream society.


Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) create tailored programs that help clients reach their individual potential by developing socially significant goals identified through customized assessments.


Our hand-picked behavior technicians hold weekly training meetings to ensure a deeper understanding of the science of human behavior. Each staff member is thoroughly background checked and holds CPR and Safety-Care certifications.

Success On The Spectrum will use a comprehensive mixture of
Discrete Trial Training (DTT) and
Natural Environment Training (NET)

to teach your child new skills and reduce problem behavior.

Each new lesson is taught through individual play and practiced in a peer group.


Our centers are equipped with private staterooms, mock classrooms, and social activity rooms.


Success On The Spectrum’s ABA program also incorporates field trips!

Monthly outings strengthen the skills that have been developed within our center and promote generalization.

We love for our families to join us on field trips, but it is not required.


is a structured ABA technique that helps teach a child new skills by breaking it into small components and uses prompts, modeling, and lots of positive reinforcement.


A behavior technician and a child sit at a desk.  The behavior technician places 3 different pictures in front of the child and says, “find the cup”.




A behavior technician and a child sit at a desk. The technician shows the client a picture of a child running and asks the child, “What is he doing?” The child responds “running”.




A behavior technician and a child sit at a desk.  The technician hands the child several pictures of different items and tells him to sort them.  The child sorts the pictures into different categories.


is an ABA technique that helps a child generalize skills they have learned by practicing them throughout daily routines or activities.



A behavior technician and child are in the child’s home and the child wants a drink.  The behavior technician asks the child, “where’s your cup?”




A behavior technician and a child are walking to the playroom and they see a friend who is running.  The behavior technician asks the child, “Look what our friend is doing!” And the child says, “Running!”




A behavior technician and a child are in the messy playroom. The technician tells the child they need to clean up. The child sorts the items into different categories (e.g. vehicles, toy food, etc).

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