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SOS takes the time to develop meaningful relationships with you and understand your family's unique dynamics. We will provide your child with the best comprehensive 1:1 ABA therapy available in the environment where your child is most likely to succeed. You may choose to receive ABA therapy in your home or in our center. SOS offers both full-time (8hrs/day) and part-time (4hrs/day) options.

Our SOS Treatment Locations:


Serving Greater Houston Area

ABA services can be provided in the comfort of your home. This program works best for families where one parent can remain at home.

Our therapists will travel to your home to deliver therapy to your child in a designated room in the house. The familiar setting helps to soothe the child, and typically has less distractions than a public place.

Home-based therapy requires a lot of parent involvement. The therapist will train you in the same ABA methods, so that your child has consistent instruction from all caregivers.

Our programs primarily focus on appropriate communication (social skills), compliance (following directions), independence skills, and self control. SOS will individualize a curriculum to fit your child's abilities and learning style (some children may benefit more from visual input, the others from auditory input or from using motor skills, such as tracing letters with the finger while naming them). Throughout our lessons, we incorporate games or other incentives to make learning fun!

After your child has made sufficient progress within the home, it is important to provide exposure to "the outside world". It is important that your child learn to cope with the noise/light distractions of a typical setting. For example, if your child does not tolerate grocery shopping well, our therapists will go with you to the supermarket, observe his behavior, and create a treatment plan. If your child is a picky eater, we will create diet lessons and encourage variety.

We want you to come to us with any and every problem so that we can work together to solve it!


9894 Bissonnet St #500
Houston, TX 77036

Due to work schedules or other daily responsibilities, in-center therapy is often easier for some families. The center is open year-round with only holiday breaks (no summer break).

Drop your child off at our nautical-themed center, where your personal therapist will be waiting. Your child will receive the same individualized ABA instruction, but will also get opportunities to practice appropriate social skills with other children.

In order to promote mainstream readiness, we also teach core academics. Children may complete some lessons in small groups. We create art projects, have music lessons, yoga lessons, and field trips. We even have quizzes!

You may drop by at any time during the day to discreetly observe your child through our video system.

At pick up time, you will receive an in-person report on everything that happened that day. You will also regularly receive the detailed written reports from our BCBA.

For those children who are able to develop adequate academic and social skills, SOS will create a mainstreaming plan. We will even tour different schools with you and help choose a school where they are most likely to succeed.